About Fit 4 You Retreat™
Fit 4 You Retreat™ is a truly unforgettable experience. This adult camp provides a scenic getaway that targets physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Activities are interspersed with seminars throughout the day as professionals share the principles of nutrition, vegetarian cuisine, physical fitness, time management, and spiritual wellness. Fitness Camp assists campers in the prevention and, in some cases, reversal of the effects of Type II Diabetes and Hypertension. Through a focus on all aspects of health, this program creates fitness for life.

Our Mission
The mission of FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ is to make visible, the life-changing rewards of good health by combining this natural setting with a menu of fitness activities, health education and inspiration taught by our team of expert physicians, licensed dieticians, exercise physiologist, fitness trainers massage therapists and healthy-living chefs.



“THE WALKING REVOLUTION" – A 30-minute documentary film that's guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community.


The health benefits of walking are numerous. A regular walking routine of 30-minutes a day, five days a week can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, depression and some cancers. Take 30 minutes to watch the film then, take a 30 minute walk. It will be the best hour of the day.

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The Fit 4 You Retreat™ Camper Eating Healthy at Work

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Latest News

FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ 2014
July 13 - July 27, 2014

Now accepting registrations.

Hurry and secure your space.

Fit 4 You Retreat™ 2014 Registration
You owe it to yourself, to reboot your health at the Fit 4 You Retreat™; to step away from the hustle and bustle lif and enjoy an experience of a life time on the beautiful campus of Pine Forge Academy. Come and hear vital life saving information from health and fitness professionals, enjoy the many activities, get plenty of peaceful rest, eat outstanding nutritious cuisine, all while make friendships that will last a lifetime. Click here for all of the information you need to register. Email or call Penny Rodgers if you have questions or need additional information.


"Were it not for the yearly program that Fit 4 you Retreat™ provides, my overall weight, health and fitness would be far different than what it is today. Fit 4 You Retreat™ 2013 will mark the eleventh year of my camping experience." Arnelia Hollinger

" Fit 4 You Retreat™ has provided me with the tools "NEWSTART," to take care of my body and to CHOOSE to do better in all aspects of my life.." Shirley D. Minter-Smith

"Fit 4 you Retreat™ is one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone. " Lucienne Cole

" The Fit You Retreat™ camp is accommodating for all ages and all conditions.  Everyone is so loving and so giving.  I can't wait to get back. "Gwen Strayhan