About Fit 4 You Retreat™
Fit 4 You Retreat™ is a truly unforgettable experience. This adult camp provides a scenic getaway that targets physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Activities are interspersed with seminars throughout the day as professionals share the principles of nutrition, vegetarian cuisine, physical fitness, time management, and spiritual wellness. Fitness Camp assists campers in the prevention and, in some cases, reversal of the effects of Type II Diabetes and Hypertension. Through a focus on all aspects of health, this program creates fitness for life.

Our Mission
The mission of FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ is to make visible, the life-changing rewards of good health by combining this natural setting with a menu of fitness activities, health education and inspiration taught by our team of expert physicians, licensed dieticians, exercise physiologist, fitness trainers massage therapists and healthy-living chefs.



“THE WALKING REVOLUTION" – A 30-minute documentary film that's guaranteed to get you walking, The Walking Revolution explores the tremendous changes a regular walking routine can make in your life and your community.


The health benefits of walking are numerous. A regular walking routine of 30-minutes a day, five days a week can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, depression and some cancers. Take 30 minutes to watch the film then, take a 30 minute walk. It will be the best hour of the day.

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Marjorie Newlin

food plate image

87 Year Old Body Builder Champion;

Started at age 72; never too late to start an exercise program.

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Shirley Minter-Smith

Shirley Minter-Smith

Our very own Fitness Camp Body Builder, Shirley Minter-Smith.

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Latest News

FIT 4 YOU Retreat™ 2016
July 17 - July 31, 2016

Now accepting registrations.

Hurry and secure your space.

Feb 2015: Environmental Health Q & A
When I looked at the World Health Organization’s website under environmental health, here is what I found...

Jan 2015: Environmental Health
The environment is all around us, affecting our lives every moment. The media are replete with examples of how changes in the environment expose use to health risks.


Random Thoughts of Losing 
The scale is going to burn in here. 
My fat has to get off my back. 
My size—No clothes should be a surprise. 
My sugar bugs me like a booger! My shape to me is great!

Karen Ross


Fit 4 You was not for me
The knee doctor was who I’d see
I was blessed to have a change of heart
And came here to get a new start
Now I’m armed with information about the knees
And walking here is a breeze
I’m going home with a plan and resolution

To lean on God for a solution

Pat Randall


I am pleased to report that when I started at camp, I couldn't walk around the pavilion but by the time I left camp I was walking 7/10 of a mile. Now I can walk a little over a mile. Also, my Dr. weighs me every month. I'm also pleased to report I have implemented consistency with paying attention to the ingredients in my food purchases & small changes; like no meal after 6 pm. With that being said, I've lost 44 lbs. since camp & counting. To God be the glory.

Donna Brewer (2013)



Good Morning, I Hear You!
Life is precious with each breath given with grace and love from God
I take them willingly and mostly unconsciously not knowing
The blessings within each if I knew

I take my life with the same approach
Each day sometimes consciously aware and other times aware
Of the beauty within KNOWING ….

Now I KNOW……
To treat this temple as a gift so I may experience the blessings of EACH moment.
So I can feel the love of God saying in every breath…
”Eat right and know more than you can imagine….”
“Exercise and Know that I am with you every step of the way….”

And with every day I hear Him whisper to my heart and soul….
“Know that I am cheering you on…..go, go, yeah, you got it!…..”
“ can U feel me?….”
“With EVERY step I am here with you as your best friend…..”
“can you hear me?..... You are My child and I am so proud of you…”
“I am here with you…so let’s go exercise again.”

Good morning, my best friend….I hear you!

Thank you.

Lois Jennings